5 Ways to Organize Your Vehicle for Schedule Success

School is back in session along with fall sports sending parents everywhere into last-minute mode. This is the time when short cuts for keeping on track of the notebooks and cleats and homework and jerseys and snack schedules is more than helpful--  it's necessary.

Every soccer mom and football father knows that it doesn't take long before the maelstrom of "stuff" migrates from the dining room table to the family vehicle. Use these 5 quick tip to take the calm out of the schedule storm:

1. Use individual bins for each activity. 

Give each child a bin for school as well as each extra-curricular

activity. Use each bin to keep homework, school supplies, and other school needs separate from shin guards, goggles, and shoes where they can be found quickly and


Bonus, you can remove the bins on non-activity days giving you room for life's other adventures!

2. Keep non-perishable snacks in the trunk.

It never fails that someone will be hungry or thirsty during carpool. Keeping a supply of granola bars and water bottles available will help make the ride tear-free.

 3. Create an activity bag.

 Allow children to carry only what will fit in a small bag that can hang  from the back of the seat: crayons, small coloring books, and technology.  Enforce the rule "if it doesn't fit, no trip" to prevent finding random balls  underneath the gas pedal.

4. Make time for a once-a-week purge.

Making time to take everything out of your vehicle once a week will help save time before the school bell sounds or the coach's whistle blows. Empty everything onto the lawn or driveway and assign age-appropriate jobs to children who tend to care more about fingerprints on the windows when they know they have to wipe them off at the end of the week.

5.But never skimp on the first-aid kit!

You will be the envy of every parent when the need arises and you are able to quickly locate your stocked first-aid kit. Remember the basics such as bandages, tissues, and antiseptics as well as breath mints (for upset tummies) and mustard (for bee stings).

Spending a few minutes to stay on top of the "stuff" can make the difference between "Mom! I can't find my homework!" and getting the prime spot at the scrimmage. Do you have other tips to share that help you manage the mess? We'd love to hear them!