Buy a New Car Online with Push Start.


What seems to be an eternity later, you may or may not wind up with the car you wanted in the first place! Most people agree that buying a new car can be a daunting process. Then, once you've finally picked out the perfect car, you have to drive down to a local dealership and deal with the stress of negotiating a good deal. Researching prices and packages can take days, if not months.

Introducing Push Start from Coggin Automotive Group, the best way to buy a new car online! Luckily, we've created a better way.

Why Buy Online?

1. It's Easier - The online process is very intuitive and leads you through a form that is easy-to-read and understand to gather every the information we need to sell you a car online. It's as simple as picking out the vehicle you pick, entering your information, selecting your payment and then choosing a delivery time and date.

2. It's Less Stress -  No more hassle driving back and forth to the dealership! Handle every step involved in buying a new car from the amenity of your home. See your conveniences upfront and choose the one that is right for you, every without the high-stress negotiation.

3. It's Faster - Through Push Start, you can purchase a car entirely online in just 4 useful steps. It's every at your own pace and much more efficient than spending hours at a dealership.

What Makes Push Start Better?

We suggestion all the conveniences that come with the online process mentioned above; while still having the benefits, structure and reputation of a well-known Florida automotive group supporting us. To find out more about how we stack-up against the competition, click here.  While there are many car buying websites out there, Push Start takes purchasing a car online to another level.

So How Do I Get Started?

To begin the process of buying your new car online, visit the website of one of our 17 Florida dealerships. Once you find the vehicle you're watching for, click the green "Buy Now" button to get started. For more information, use this link to view a broad guide on how to buy a car with Push Start.