Nalley Automotive Push Start

To learn more about the claims of Push Start, click here. The biggest range is that we suggestion the ability to buy new cars online, meaning you can get the latest vehicles with the most advanced features as soon as they're released. Even better, our position as a traditional dealership allows us to provide special financing options and rebates that are only accessible through the manufacturer - meaning you can save more on a new vehicle while still enjoying the contentment of buying a car online. Not only only do we suggestion a vast pick of New, Used, or Certified Pre-Owned vehicles across our 17 Florida car dealerships (over 5,500 vehicles!), we also provide additional perks that diverse car buying sites simply can't. We believe that PushStart is the best place to buy cars online.

The new era of car buying has arrived. Our platform allows you to complete your online car pay cash for without ever stepping foot in the dealership, all in 4 convenient steps. Our goal is to make your next car buying experience as simple as feasible - no stress, no gimmicks. Coggin Automotive Group is proud to introduce Push Start, a new platform for online car buying. You can even prefer popular changes for your new vehicle and add your current vehicle as a trade-in. PushStart will revolutionize the way you think about buying a car. This means no more waiting around in showrooms or complicated back-and-forth negotiations. Now accessible at all 17 of our Florida locations, PushStart allows you to finance, lease, or pay cash for your next car online from the accessibility of your home - start to finish.

Push Start's 4 convenient steps provide a clear, streamlined process for your car buying experience, allowing you to feel confident that you're getting the deal you opt for on a vehicle you love. Peer how convenient PushStart is in our step-by-step answer below.

How To Buy A Car Online:


After you've selected your vehicle, click the green "Buy Online" button to begin the first step - Upgrades. Choose from a variety of provided options to build your perfect offer, including extended warranties, maintenance packages, GAP coverage, and more. Or, you may also continue without adding any upgrades.


Have a vehicle to trade in? No problem. During our next step, you will be prompted to get an instant trade-in value with the Kelley Blue Book trade evaluation tool. After you receive your quote, your trade will be added to your purchase. If you do not have a vehicle to trade in, simply select 'Continue Without Trade-In' to continue to the next step.


Next, choose from 3 different payment options. You can lease, finance, or pay the full balance in cash - whichever you prefer. You also have the ability to adjust various items like down payment, term length, and lease mileage allotments to find the perfect monthly payment for your budget.


Almost done! In this final step, provide the billing information for your order, as well as your employment and financial information. Next, choose your preferred delivery option - either in-store or delivered to a location of your choice (work, home, etc). Your order is then sent to the dealership, who will complete the transaction upon approval.

Vehicle Delivery & Trade-In Options | Online Car Dealership

With Push Start, you complete your entire transaction online and choose where you would like your vehicle delivered. You retain the package to pick-up your vehicle at one of our 16 dealerships across Florida, including locations in Jacksonville, Deland, Saint Augustine, Orlando, Fort Pierce, and more. Whether it's your home, work, or some place else, we'll bring the vehicle straight to you along with any paperwork that needs signing. Favor to choose up your vehicle yourself? No problem at all.

Once your quote is complete, your trade will be added to your buy. This tool takes into account details such as vehicle condition, mileage, and ownership to ensure that you get a fair value for your used vehicle. Have a vehicle to trade-in? Push Start offers an instant trade-in value through the Kelley Blue Book trade evaluation tool. When your new vehicle is delivered, we'll take your trade back with us at no extra price.